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UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance

With the United Healthcare PPO plan, employers have access to some of the biggest dental provider networks in California, while providing employees the freedom to select any dentist in or out of the United Healthcare dental network. The Case Dental Group is in the United Healthcare network, which means lower rates for employees selecting us as their dental provider. By choosing the Case Dental Group, enrollees in the PPO plan do not need to submit claim forms for dental visits and referrals are not required to see a dental specialist. Preventative care is provided with little to no cost on your part. The United Healthcare PPO plan also provides oral cancer screenings and prenatal benefits to enrolled members at no additional cost. Employers also have the option to enhance their employee’s coverage with rollover spending accounts. This perk gives our Elk Grove dental patients the option of transferring funds leftover in one year to the next for additional dental coverage.

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