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Treating Gum Disease

If you have gingivitis, the Case Dental Group may recommend coming in more than twice a year for dental cleanings to prevent persistent tartar or calculus buildup. These hard deposits are signs of severe bacterial colonization. Unfortunately, they are trying to take over your teeth and gums! Quality at-home dental care, in addition to these additional dental cleanings, will prevent plaque and tartar from accumulating beneath the gums and teeth.

Treatment for Periodontitis

If you have been diagnosed with periodontitis, you may need a treatment called dental scaling. This is a deep cleaning under the gums to remove plaque and tartar that is on or near the roots. This procedure halts and prevents further bone loss. An anesthetic is provided, since it’s a deep cleaning, emptying our medium-sized gum pockets. Our Elk Grove dentist or hygienist does one or more quarters of your mouth during each visit, and sometimes only certain sections of your mouth require the treatment. An additional procedure often used with periodontitis is Perio-Protect, a customized dental tray that applies medication directly to your gum pockets. You can even combine Perio Protect with tooth whitening, offering a double benefit for this therapy.

Treatment for Advanced Periodontitis

For the most severe cases of gum disease, laser therapy or other oral surgery may be recommended to reduce or eliminate large infected gum pockets around the teeth. Wherever possible, our dentists prefer laser treatment since it causes little to no bleeding and minimal post-operative pain. Without medical action such as this, the body cannot tighten up these gaps between the teeth and gums. By “closing the gap,” our Elk Grove dentists immediately deny bacteria access to the roots of your teeth and the delicate dentin (the soft layer below and beneath your enamel). Left unresolved, advanced periodontitis almost inevitably leads to tooth loss and damage to the jawbone.

The dentists at the Case Dental Group take your care and treatment for gum disease seriously and are committed to providing you the best care possible. Consult with us right away if you suspect that you suffer from gum disease!

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