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Dental Exam

Our group of very qualified Elk Grove dentists and hygienists care for you with a thorough dental examination. This critical process is required to point out possible difficulties with your teeth and gums. It incorporates the following safe procedures, provided in our comfortable practice:

  • Scan for mouth cancer, by examining the facial area, mouth and throat.
  • Scan for gum disease by examining the gums and bone, probing for excessive pockets, gaps or recession of the gums, all of which are indicators of periodontal disease.
  • Investigate the mouth for decay, using the most modern methods in dentistry.
  • Take and consider your yearly oral x-rays and images to make certain that we diagnose any unseen decay, cysts, tumors or bone loss that could move to diseases or tooth loss in the future.
  • Confirm the condition of your dental repairs such as fillings, crowns and dental implants.
  • Plan the required steps for your dental cleaning, which follows the examination.

If you expect anxiety from visiting a dental office, all of these processes may be completed using sleep dentistry so you can have a worry-free visit to the Case Dental Group. The Case Dental Group wants you to know that a semi-annual dental examination and dental cleaning are the first stages in preserving your oral health and reversing oral decay. Although the procedure is simple, the benefits are long-lasting and well worth two visits every year. We look forward to seeing you!

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