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Routine Dental Care

The word regular is often associated with things good for our health: regular exercise, regular meals, regular medical check-ups. In the case of achieving and keeping a healthy and vibrant smile, regularity is  key as well. While dentistry has recently experienced many exciting and new ways of treating age-old oral problems, nothing will ever replace the simple and effective habits that keep and maintain superior dental health.

  1. Brush regularly with an ADA-approved soft bristle toothbrush. Brush at least twice a day, and after meals when able, in a circular gentle motion for at least 2 minutes.
  2. Floss regularly, once a day minimum. A viable substitute for ordinary floss is a water flossing device.
  3. Make and keep semi-annual appointments with the Case Dental Group for oral check-ups and dental cleanings.

Need we remind you that the last of these three habits, visiting our Elk Grove dentists every six months, is the most important?

The professional staff at the Case Dental Group is your resource to help make these habits stick. We’re happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. But the first step, often the hardest, is contacting our staff to make an appointment. Whether you’re just too busy, too tired, too scared, too strapped for cash or just too embarrassed, your teeth and gums can’t make that appointment – they need you to do it for them. Putting off regular dental care is a decision that can be more expensive and more time consuming and, unfortunately, much more painful when its done “later” instead of “on schedule.” The more often you see us for simple cleanings, the less often you’ll need to see us for more serious issues. So keep brushing, flossing and protecting those teeth of yours, and contact us for a dental visit. Together we can make good dental habits a regular part of your life.

For more information about the typical aspects of regular dental care, please visit the rest of this section of our website.

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