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Crowns In Elk Grove, CA

Elk Grove Crowns, Inlays and Overlays

To restore and rebuild a damaged or decayed tooth, you need what’s called a crown. Some people call crowns “caps,” because they “cap” and protect the top of a damaged tooth from further wear and tear. Crowns are designed for teeth too compromised to stand up to “the daily grind” without significant structural support.

If your tooth is not too badly damaged, but it still requires a large amount of restoration on the chewing surface, you need an inlay or overlay. Inlays and overlays bond directly onto the top of the damaged tooth. Inlays are bonded to the middle of your tooth, like a big filling, while overlays cover the cusp(s) and the entire chewing surface of the the tooth. Crowns, inlays and overlays are referred to as “indirect restorations,” because they must be made in a dental lab. The Elk Grove dentists at the Case Dental Group will discuss all the best options for your crown, inlay or onlay, depending on your needs.

How We Create Inlays, Overlays and Crowns

A new crown, inlay or overlay usually requires two visits to the Case Dental Group. At the first visit, we examine your tooth, take precise measurements and make a mold of the area needing restoration. Then we prepare the tooth for restoration, removing decayed tissues and and compromised enamel. We make a temporary crown to hold you over while the mold of your tooth is processed by the dental lab. Once the lab completes your new restoration, you come in for the next visit and we finish the procedure by installing the new inlay, overlay or crown.

Materials for Indirect Restorations

Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain is used most because it is durable, generally does not damage other teeth and is easily color matched to your own teeth. Different kinds of porcelain are used, depending on where the restoration is needed in your mouth. If the crown is needed in your molars, for example, a stronger porcelain, like lithium disilicate, or internal metal supports, may be required.

Composite Restorations

Composite restorations are a lot like tooth-colored fillings. They are made of resins and match your other teeth. Composites are not as durable as porcelain restorations and wear out faster under pressure and over time.

Gold Alloy Restorations

Gold is durable and is not susceptible to tarnishing. Gold is also a soft metal, so it is fairly safe and creates little wear on opposing teeth. It will last a long time, but gold obviously is not matched to your tooth color and is very expensive. There’s naturally an extra charge for gold restorations and they are only used upon request.

Silver Metal Alloys

Silver restorations are very durable, like gold, but are less expensive than the flashier yellow metal. They are only used by patient request, as some people have allergic reactions to alloy compounds.

Care for Your Restoration

With good dental hygiene and regular check-ups at Elk Grove’s Case Dental Group, your crown, inlay, or overlay will last a very long time. The Case Dental group is committed to keeping you smiling and your bite intact with excellent service and indirect restoration options for every budget.

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