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Preventing Gum Disease

How to Prevent Gum Disease

To prevent gum disease, it is very important to brush your teeth a minimum of two times a day. In addition, flossing at least once a day helps keep plaque and tartar — leftovers of bacterial colonies — in check. Flossing also prevents bacterial buildup under the gums. You should even consider flossing your teeth before you brush, as this clear out the bacteria in advance and opens up your enamel for better exposure to the fluoride in your toothpaste. This strengthens your teeth and destroys leftover bacteria at the gum line.

Even those of us with the most rigorous dental care routines may find that they develop gum disease over a six-month period. Oral bacteria are aggressive and your mouth is their perfect environment! If this unfortunately happens to you, the Elk Grove dentists at the Case Dental Group may recommend additional cleanings with a hygienist, up to four a year, to prevent gingivitis. Once your gums are fully healthy, you can go back to your regular twice a year cleaning and exam schedule. Sometimes, the professionals at Case Dental Group will also prescribe medicated oral rinses or suggest that you use an electric toothbrush, or even a water flosser, to keep your mouth at its healthiest. Finally, many patients report considerable success using the new treatment and prevention method for gum disease called Perio Protect. When caught early, gum disease is one of the easiest problems to treat. To avoid more costly dental work and pain later, do not neglect your teeth and gums! Have a complete daily oral care routine of brushing and flossing and include regular visits to the Case Dental Group in your annual schedule.

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