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Oral Surgery

If our Elk Grove dentist utters the words “oral surgery,” please do not panic! The definition of surgery is “the treatment of injuries or disorders of the body by incision or manipulation, especially with instruments.” Oral surgery simply confines that treatment to the area of the mouth or oral cavity — generally correcting problems, damage or disorders of the teeth, tongue and/or gums. There is no need to imagine a large operating room with beeping machines and a horde of doctors and nurses. It is highly likely your oral surgery will take place in a regular dental chair, in the comfortable surroundings of Elk Grove’s Case Dental Group office.

Oral surgery is necessary to remove wisdom teeth, to extract some diseased teeth, to prepare the mouth for dentures or partial dentures, to repair jaw problems related to TMJ issues and to investigate and resolve oral cysts, tumors and cancers.

While definitely not as fun as shoe shopping or a trip to the coast, oral surgery is certainly not something to dread or postpone. The need for oral surgery is usually very important healthwise and often urgent. Nevertheless, in the relaxed setting of our dental office, Elk Grove dentists you know and trust apply the latest in pain management and sleep dentistry for your comfort. In our experience, once the medication kicks in, oral surgery is done and over before you can say, “Where’s my ice cream?”

Learn more about the various oral surgery procedures performed at the Case Dental Group in this section of our website.

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