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Dental Bridge

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Parents are used to answering seemingly obvious questions with answers that are simple and direct. So a bridge is a space or span between two places to connect them. But, what’s a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is designed to span or “bridge” the gap where teeth are missing. If you have missing teeth your ability to smile, speak and chew can be affected, so a bridge is a reasonable and economical choice for patients with multiple missing teeth on one side of an arch. They are made from a variety of dental materials depending on what is best for your needs, but the most bridges are made from realistic porcelain teeth fixed to a metal support structure. At your consultation with the friendly professionals at Elk Grove’s Case Dental Group, they will discuss the best options for you based on your individual needs.

In most cases, a bridge is composed of two crowns attached to healthy teeth on either side, with natural-looking teeth filling the gap between them where the missing teeth used to be. Bridges are fixed in place, very durable and can last many years without needing replacement or reattachment.

Sometimes bridges can be installed using dental implants. If you choose this option, your original teeth do not need to be altered to accommodate the bridge. However, implants do need more time to attach to the jaw securely. During that time, you are given a temporary bridge. Once the bridge is installed, your remaining teeth are kept in place, and remain unaffected as long as you keep up your good dental habits, like brushing and flossing. No one would be able to guess you have bridgework because it looks like real teeth.

How a Bridge is Installed

Installing a traditional bridge requires two visits to the convenient office of Elk Grove’s Case Dental

Group. At the first visit, the two original teeth next to the bridge area are prepared for crowns. A mold is taken and custom measurements are made of your teeth and jaw. Then a temporary bridge is put in place to hold you over until the permanent bridge is ready. At the second visit, the new custom bridge is connected securely onto your arch. Sometimes, an additional visit is necessary to make adjustments if needed. It’s also possible to install partial dentures, also called removable bridges.

To discuss your options and get straightforward answers, contact the Elk Grove dentists at the Case Dental Group for an individual consultation.

Reclaim your confident smile and enjoy life again by spanning your gaps with a dental bridge!

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