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Cigna Dental Insurance offers PPO plans for enrolled members, thus allowing them the freedom and flexibility to choose their own dentist for preventative and specialized treatment. Cigna has a large network of over 70,000 dentists and specialists in the United States, so choosing an in-network dentist to receive additional costs savings is easy and hassle-free, especially since our Elk Grove dentists at the Case Dental Group are part of the Cigna network!

A Low Family Deductible

Choosing Cigna makes sense for people with families of three or more, because while the individual deductible is $50, the maximum family deductible is $150. Once you’ve paid a deductible for three people, you no longer owe any deductibles for the rest of the year.

Within their insurance arrangement, Cigna has three levels of coverage:

Cigna Preventive Dental Insurance

All preventive services are covered with no yearly maximum benefit limits, but any restorative or orthodontic treatments are the responsibility of the patient, however, discounts for all services are available.

Cigna 1000 Dental Insurance

The Cigna 1000 plan covers preventive, diagnostic and restorative procedures, up to $1,000 maximum per person. Orthodontic coverage is dealt with separately, but has a lifetime coverage maximum of $1,000 per enrollee.

Cigna 1500 Dental Insurance

This is Cigna’s premier dental insurance plan and includes all the benefits of Cigna 1000 with a higher maximum of $1,500 for preventive, diagnostic and restorative procedures per patient. The orthodontic lifetime maximum is still $1,000 per person.

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