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Dental Cleaning

Scientifically named dental prophylaxis, we consider that our hygienists offer you the most anxiety free dental prophylaxis in Elk Grove dentistry.

During your dental prophylaxis, we clean away any accumulated tartar, the hardened deposits of plaque created by bacterial organisms. This irritant is one of the first causes of gingivitis. Removing plaque and tartar, regularly and professionally, is needed for your dental well-being.

Polishing your teeth is the final process in your prophylaxis. Not just a cosmetic treatment, polishing removes stains or plaque missed during the prophylaxis. It leaves your teeth looking fresh and your mouth remarkably clean!

As Elk Grove dentists, we capably accomplish this service for all members of the family, no matter what their age. If you have difficulties with excessive stress in a dental office, the Case Dental Group also offers sedation dentistry to guarantee that you see us regularly, so you avoid the greater difficulties that come from dental procrastination.

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