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MetLife dental plans are exclusively offered through employer-based programs, and include both an HMO plan and a PPO plan. MetLife dental members enjoy a large network and HMO members have extensive coverage on over four hundred procedures. The Elk Grove dentists at the Case Dental Group accept MetLife dental insurance.

MetLife Dental PPO

MetLife PPO members select their own dentist, but choosing a MetLife network dentist gives employees additional discounts on service ranging from 10-35%, compared to service provided by an out-of-network dentist. The Case Dental Group is a MetLife network dental office.

MetLife Dental HMO

The MetLife HMO is also known as Safeguard Dental Insurance and is now called the Safeguard DHMO. This plan provides some additional flexibility for members of the same family to select different dentists. Different family members have different needs, so this plan accommodates by offering the choice for enrolled members to change dentists within the network. Enrolled members also enjoy additional freedom to select their own specialist if it is decided not to go through with the primary dentist’s recommendation. There are no annual maximum coverages or deductibles, but members may be required to pay additional co-pays for services received. So if you’re happy with the Case Dental Group, you can switch your entire family over to work with our Elk Grove dentists.

TRICARE Through MetLife

The TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) is for active duty and retired military personnel, National Guard and reserve members and their families. This cost-effective dental plan offers the convenience of a large network with coverage in many areas. Members can save up to 22% on out-of-pocket costs and receive 100% coverage for diagnostic and preventative care services. Selecting an in-network dentist, like the Case Dental Group, also means we submit claims for members, saving you time and hassle when you use our dental practice as your primary provider.

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