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Elk Grove Dentures

Dentures aren’t what they used to be! Advances in dental science make dentures look like real teeth, give them greater wearability and help them feel more natural. Dentures get you back to your smiling self, restore your confidence and allow you to eat and speak better. They even make you look younger!

If you are missing many teeth on just one side of your mouth (bottom or top), you may opt for a partial denture. If you are missing just a few teeth, the dentists at Elk Grove’s Case Dental Group can also make a permanent or removable bridge. Bridges accomplish the same goals as dentures and have the same positive benefits, but on a smaller scale.

Consulting for Dentures

Every denture consultation starts by determining your individualized needs. What do you want out of dentures? What is your expected outcome? After an exam, an Elk Grove dentist at the Case Dental Group will discuss your options and recommend whether you need a full or partial denture. Careful measurements are taken of your mouth, jaw and gums. Then the dentist discusses other choices with you, such as matching your new dentures with your former natural tooth color. Whenever budget and health allow for it, the Case Dental Group recommends dental implants to secure your dentures. Implants improve fit and retention, save jawbone from deterioration and help you eat many foods that are a little difficult with ordinary dentures. Implant dentures are made to either “snap in” or to be permanently mounted. There are advantages to both methods, depending on your circumstances.

The Difference Between Conventional and Immediate

First, before receiving your dentures, all infected and irreparable teeth are removed. With immediate dentures, you are “immediately” fit with dentures after the removal of your old teeth. These dentures were made before your diseased teeth are removed. It is necessary, though, to have future adjustments made to compensate for any gum shrinkage and changes to the shape of jaw over time.

If you choose conventional dentures, you go without your new teeth until your gums have had sufficient time to heal from the extractions. Then our dentists take measurements of your mouth so that your new teeth will fit comfortably, without the need for major adjustments.

Using Dentures

It takes a couple weeks for you to be completely comfortable with your new dentures. In time, your mouth and tongue get used to the new teeth, so much so that some patients forget they are not natural teeth! You will eat without pain and have the confidence to laugh and smile again!

As with any good oral hygiene routine, it’s important to care for your dentures just like you would your real teeth. Dentures need to be removed and cleaned everyday and brushed with a soft brush. (The exception would be for permanent dentures mounted to dental implants. These you brush in your mouth, just like regular teeth.) Don’t forget, your oral tissues still need care too! Brush and floss daily to knock down oral bacteria and to keep your mouth, gums and tongue at their healthiest!

Dentures are an indispensable tool that have helped millions of people! If you have missing or damaged teeth, the benefits of wearing dentures are tremendous! Call the friendly staff at the Case Dental Group to set up a free initial consultation in our Elk Grove office and see how comfortable and enjoyable life can be again with dentures!

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