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Elk Grove’s Case Dental Group provides a comprehensive set of dental procedures to meet the needs of your entire family. From pediatric care to providing dentures and dental implants, our dentists want to be your primary source of information and assistance when it comes to your teeth.

This section provides you with essential information about each of our procedures so that you can be prepared to ask logical questions when you consult with the dental staff. Knowing more about your teeth and how we keep them healthy also assists you to maintain your smile and recognize the importance of regular oral hygiene.

Our procedures are separated into three main areas: maintenance, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Keeping your teeth clean and strong is the focus of your regular visits for dental exams and periodic cleaning. Restorative care protects and preserves your teeth so you can use your natural dentition, or replace it in the event of trauma or irreversible decay. Cosmetic dentistry gives you the smile that you want, instead of the look that circumstances or genetics provided. Many patients are amazed at the benefits they experience from improving the appearance of their teeth and our Elk Grove dentists want you to look in the mirror and see the teeth of your dreams.

Proceed to our individual procedural pages for more information about the Case Dental Group and its programs for maintenance, restoration and cosmetic dentistry.

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