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Our Elk Grove dentists agree that a dental check-up and cleaning doesn’t compare to an afternoon doing something you love. It’s very common for patients to experience some anxiety and stress when it comes time to visit the dentist. At the Case Dental Group, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you arrive, so we’d like to share some time-tested methods to make your visit a good experience.

Communication is Important

Since most people have some degree of anxiety when they see the dentist, good communication is vital. It won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t like coming to see us, but we congratulate you for coming anyway! If you never miss your check-ups every six months, but are still afraid, that’s okay. Tell us. If you need time to relax before we get to work, tell us. Our dental staff is here to help and give you the best care and attention possible, depending on your needs.

It’s the Timing

Our Elk Grove dentists specialize in giving individualized treatment according to your specific needs. We offer treatment options, so if you have one or more procedures scheduled, you may choose to have them all done in one visit. Or if a longer visit isn’t what you’re after, the procedures might be scheduled over the course of a few shorter visits. The most important thing is to get the dental work and care you need, and complete it with the least stress possible.

Shall We Chat? Or Keep Quiet?

Some patients feel more comfortable when they know exactly what is happening at all times and we are happy to explain what we’re doing as we carry out your cleaning or procedure. Other patients would rather not know anything that’s happening at all, so we are also perfectly content to quietly get the job done. As long as there is good cooperation between you and your dentist, the procedure will be done efficiently and be a success.

Hand Signals

Before we begin any procedure, communicate with us about the concerns you have. It’s uncomfortable to speak with a mouth full of dental instruments, so at the beginning, we can agree on hand signals that communicate your needs. Some hand signals to indicate your needs include:

  • “I need to swallow.”
  • “Ouch!”
  • “I need a break.”

When our dentists know what you need, it not only makes you feel more relaxed and in control, but also helps us to work in a timely manner.

What Pain?

Modern pain control has come a long way, so we don’t expect you to tough it out. Case Dental Group has options available for pain and anxiety management. If you’re staying away from the dentist because of pain, remember that the sooner you treat a dental problem, the less expensive and painful it will be!

Let Our Elk Grove Dentists Help

While an hour at the dentist is no picnic, it needn’t be stressful. We want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible when you see us at the Case Dental Group, even if visiting the dentist is not your idea of a “good time.” With quality communication and effective pain management, you can leave our Elk Grove office feeling like it was the easiest dental visit you’ve ever had.

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